Panel Sizing & Edgebanding

Using the most up to date techniques, machinery, and technology, we offer the local furniture, kitchen, and woodworking industries a panel sizing (cutting) and edgebanding solution.
Our facilities are equipped with heavy duty industrial machinery from the German HOMAGĀ® group. Coupled with long experience and new technology, this ensures that orders are delivered on time and with the best available precision and craftsmanship.
Sourcing only the highest quality MF MDF and MFC boards from European manufacturers, we couple these with the best available Polymer edgebanding tape, to offer our professional customers a product that is worthy the 4K Qatar guarantee.
Cutting is performed on the largest format Holzma panel saws exclusively fitted with diamond tipped tools.
Edging is carried out with the most sophisticated Brandt machines with the sole use of Kleiberit adhesives and Rehau polymer edge tapes. It is also possible to edge with special veneer rolls from Germany also.
We welcome all orders, whatever the size may be. Our rigid delivery schedule is one of our strengths, and our attention to detail part or our commitment to total quality.

PVC Thermoformed Panels

The regional interest and demand for "PVC wrapped" door panels has driven us to invest in a dedicated production line to satisfy our clients.
We offer a catalogue of kitchen and wardrobe door designs that range from the simple to the more ornate. We also execute bespoke designs after preparing and testing the custom CAD work prepared.
PVC wrapping is a side of the business that demands an even higher standard of care. No expense in any of the production steps can be spared. This translates to 4K being the ONLY company in the region to use special routing grade MDF boards from Egger in Germany. Those are consequently spray coated with a special mix of thermoforming adhesive from Kleiberit before the final PVC foil from Renolit is applied. These meticulous steps help in creating a panel that can withstand the high temperatures of this area.

CNC Routing and Boring

Complementing the panel sizing and edging business, our team will perform almost any routing design on wood based panels and boards. This ranges from door skins, frames, architraves to wall and decorative cladding.
We offer special MDF panels that are technically recommended for routing and lacquering. We can also accept a wide range of other wood based panels for specific designs.
Our staff include dedicated CAD draftsmen and technical sales consultants in this department, who are in turn backed up by experienced CNC router operators and technicians.


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